COFOMOs AWS Migration Services

Accelerate your cloud migration to AWS without business disruption with Cofomo.

Accelerate your AWS Adoption

Migrating to the cloud can offer numerous benefits, ranging from lower IT costs to scaling up your business almost limitlessly. However, this transition can be challenging without proper planning and careful execution. This is where Cofomo's AWS Cloud Migration experts come in. They can help you maximize your cost savings, business agility, and performance on the cloud through their extensive knowledge and experience.

The 3-step approach to AWS Cloud migration

Migrating to the cloud is a complex undertaking that requires expertise and attention to detail. That's why Cofomo leverages the rigorous standards of AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for every project. By following these best practices, we ensure a seamless and successful migration that meets your organization's unique needs. Trust Cofomo to deliver the results you need for a successful cloud migration.


Assess Your Readiness

At the start of your journey, Cofomo will assess your organization's current readiness for operating in the Cloud. Most importantly, Cofomo will work with you to identify the desired business outcomes and develop the business case for migration. Cofomo's team of experts will help you assess your on-premises resources and build the right-sized and optimized cost projection for running applications in AWS.

The process of the Assess phase offers the following benefits:

  • It helps you understand where your environment stands in terms of cloud adoption.
  • It provides you with an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization as a cloud-ready enterprise.
  • It enables you to create an action plan to address the identified gaps and move towards a successful cloud migration.


Mobilize Your Resources

The mobilize phase establishes a foundation for migration, addressing gaps identified during the assessment phase.

The migration Mobilize phase delivers the following outcomes:

  • Automate the process of defining and implementing security, risk, and compliance policies to ensure that operational controls are met with ease.
  • Implement an AWS Landing Zone to scale with application migration.
  • Establish your cloud operating model to be able to run applications in a production capacity.


Migrate or Modernize Your Workloads

Cofomo utilizes AWS's best practice tools and processes during the migration and modernization phase to execute your migration plan. Based on the insights gained from previous phases, our experts at Cofomo develop a customized blueprint for automating and implementing agile delivery. This allows us to scale operations effectively and efficiently.

Common AWS Migration use cases

Meet your business goals with AWS services with experts from Cofomo.


Upgrade and modernize legacy applications that are critical to your operations without causing disruption.

Server & Data

Migrate workloads to AWS from on-premises and other clouds, and maximize server performance and minimize administrative overhead on the AWS Cloud.


Migrate all of your organization's data from commercial and open-source databases without leakage.